Saturday, 16 June 2012

Pastel gradient nail's tutorial

Hello Lovelies!

The shops this month are packed full of gradient/dip-dye/ombre style clothing and what better to go with a dip-dye outfit than matching nails?! I've put together a short tutorial on how i do my gradient style nails. There are probably lots of different methods but this is how i find it easiest. (I am not in any way a beauty expert, i just like to paint my nails!) This is slightly more a beauty post rather than a fashion one but you can't have bare nails!

In this tutorial i'll show you step by step how to create the design in the picture above, It's super easy to do and really quick! Enjoy :)

Firstly you'll need to gather your materials. I have chosen to do my nails in two pastel colours, however you could do your's in as many or as few as you like! Be creative :)
I used:

- Barry M Nail Paint in PEACH MELBA
- Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener

You will also need a makeup sponge to create the gradient effect (you could also use a q-tip or a household sponge if you don't have makeup sponges! But you can get them from any high street chemist!)

Paint your nails in your chosen colours (remember to do a thin base layer of the colour and let it dry completely. Then paint another layer on top. Keep layering until you think its thick enough) let your nails dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Using your white nail varnish, pour a small amount onto a piece of paper and dab the tip of the sponge into it until it is covered. Dab the sponge a couple of times onto the paper to take off any excess before applying to the nails.

Gently dab the sponge down 3/4 of your nails (so that there is still a small amount of colour left at the bottom. You don't want this layer to be too thick. if it goes on too dark take a clean sponge and dab over the nail until some of the white has lifted)

Cover the sponge in a little more white nail varnish (you may need to pour some more onto your paper)  and dab the sponge over half of your nail this time. You will start to see the slight gradient appearing now!

Once more, put a little bit of white nail varnish onto the sponge and dab the very top part of your nails, It is up to you how far down you want to do this layer (i would recommend not too much or you might spoil the effect!) Repeat this step again if you want the look to be bolder.

Finally, Using a q-tip (cotton pad or a little bit of toilet roll will do too) gently remove any excess nail varnish around the edges of the fingers with a little bit of nail varnish remover!

VOILA! You're done! Finish with a top coat if you want a shiny finish or leave them as they are for a matte finish! You don't have to use white as the gradient you could use a contrasting colour, or black if you want to use darker colours rather than pastels. The choice is yours!!

I hope this has been helpful, If you need any tips or don't understand anything leave a comment below! I like your feedback! If you try this out send me your pictures or link me to it!

Over and out lovelies :) x

I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has followed me and commented over the past few days! I'm only just getting started so it means a lot THANKS! x


  1. ThAT is such a simple but creative idea!! love it!! will be trying this next time for sure.

    Big fan of nail art!

    x Rebecca @

    1. Thanks so much, It's so easy to do and i think it looks pretty effective! Thank you for reading!

      Katy x

  2. I can see your designing skills have come in handy with your nails too! Love the nails

  3. I love your blog! This post is awesome!
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    Where are you from?

  4. Great tutorial, you make it look so simple and easy!

    Tanesha x

  5. Hi!!
    I'm your new member!!!

    Take care :)

  6. such a great tutorial :) i love the result and it's perfect for summer and the whole ombre trend. :)) keep up the great work with your blog, dear! :))


    1. Thanks very much! Totally agree (well if summer ever comes!)

      Your blog is fab too :)


  7. nails look great! must say your d.i.y necklace looks amazing!! you should start making your own and selling them online. It is very topshop-esk!


    1. Thank you! Ah i wish i could! Dunno if anyone would buy them though haha!


  8. Lovely nails! The colours are so sweet and perfect for summer :) X

  9. Love this! Its so helpful i cant wait to try it!

    Thankyou :) xoxx