Thursday, 21 June 2012


Hello bloggers!

I received my June issue of GLOSSYBOX earlier this week in the post and decided to do a little review/un-boxining kind of thing!

This months GLOSSYBOX is packed full of your summer essentials. I have to say, I was initially pretty disappointed with this months issue. However it was a classic case of 'don't judge a book by its cover'!!

In my box i received Clean Start 3 step day and night kit, BM Beauty summer warmth bronzer, Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick starter kit, Yves Rocher Mini Mascara Ultra-Volume sexy pulp and finally a little GLOSSYBOX brush.

The reason i was initially disappointed in this box was purely because i didn't think i would actually use any of the products featured but i 100% have to retract that thought! EVERYTHING in this box is super amazing!

The Clean Start 3 Step Night and Day Kit is FABULOUS. The kit consists of three cute little travel size bottles/tubes. According to GLOSSYBOX this was sent to all their customers under twenty, How thoughtful! You use them in three steps night and day,

Step one - Is a 50ml bottle of foaming face wash which is designed to deep clean your face and scrub away any clogged pores. The face wash has a slightly strong (whilst still being nice) citrus smell, which really wakes you up in the morning!

Step two - Is another 50ml bottle of refreshing face mist which is meant to fight breakouts and control shine. Well so far it definitely helped to control shine, but its too early to say if its actually helping keep breakouts at bay. This sample also has a strong citrus smell so its not pleasant if you accidentally breathe it in when you spray it on your face! But i'm sure no one is as silly as me... hah!

Step three - A little 15ml tube of lightweight lotion. It is meant to be easy on your face and not clog up pores. You apply it first thing in the morning and last thing at night to keep you nice and moisturised! I personally looove this lotion, it made my skin SO SOFT after only the first use!!

Next up is a cute little bronzer sample by BM Beauty. I've heard quite a few good things about this brand so was expecting something good! However i has just splashed out on some benefit hoola bronzer so wasn't really too excited by this product initially. The product information on GLOSSYBOX say that it suits most skin tones and can even be used as an eyeshadow, So it might come in useful at some point!

It looks as if the product could be pretty dark but when i tried it on my face it just leaves a really lovely little shine! It's actually gorgeous! It's only really noticeable in sunlight (so was difficult to get a good photo of a swatch on my hand as its not stopped raining).

When i saw this little packet of samples i was pretty excited, I LOVE trying new foundations (maybe because i have never actually found one that i like...). Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick starter kit, what a mouthful!, Is designed especially for people with various skin problems (Dark circles, Acne marks, Red skin, Dark spots and masking tattoo's). The foundation is described as having TWO TIMES the usual coverage as a heavy weight foundation, SPF 30 and is sweat and water resistant. Sound like the foundation dreams are made of!

I think its great how the sample gives you various shades to try and not to mention how generous the sample sizes are! I have used the top three lighter shades as a concealer the past few days, blending it in around my eyes, red bits around my nose, blemishes on my chin and a few red marks around my jaw line. It really does disguise any appearance of dark circles and red marks like magic! I really like how it creates a full coverage look without you looking like an oompa loompa! Haha! The full size retails at £19 which may be a little steep for me since i have no REAL reason to be using it but for people witch actual skin problems i think this is a fantastic product to get your mitts on!

I had never heard of YVES ROCHER before i got this box so really had no clue what this sample was going to be like! I personally like a really volumising mascara and tend to use layer after layer after layer for a nice full effect so this product had me feeling hopeful! The brush looks fairly chunky, but its actually really nice to apply, it really gets all over all your lashes. I'd say it was an average mascara!

In last months GLOSSYBOX we all received a little compact mirror, this month they have decide to give us a lovely little makeup brush branded by them (hmmm wonder if this could be a regular thing?). I've not actually used the brush yet however the bristles feel ULTRA soft so i'm sure it will be perfect for some contouring work or just as a blusher brush!!

I've had a little look at other GLOSSYBOX reviews and have seen some super cool variations on this months box. I'd love to hear what everyone thought of their products and if they got anything different!

Over and out lovelies X

PS, i just got paid so expect one hell of a haul coming up soon ;)


  1. wow that a great post!! you've got some great content about these products!!! your blog is fantastic! <3

    *Also! I'm having a summer giveaway on my blog! If you want to enter just [Click Here!]

    Sincerely, Bobby

    1. Thanks very much
      i'll pop over and have a look :)


  2. Guh! Such a perfect box! Hope you'll review the Dermablend and Yves Rocher mascara, I'd love to know what you think of them! :)


    1. Thanks love! It was actually i pretty fab box! Yees, i shall do a little review in a week or so once i've given them a real shot!! :D


  3. gahhh, i wish we had glossybox over here in the U.S. of A.! it looks so much better than the birchbox equivalent we have.
    i'm kinda leaning towards that awesome looking dermablend....might have to look that shizzz up!
    lovely review my dear, as always! hope all is well :)


    1. You're in luck! GLOSSYBOX do intact have a USA addition!!
      They do however use different products but its still pretty cool!!

      Mmm the dermablend is FAB! I think you can order yourself a starter kit and its around £5, I'm not sure what that is in dollars!!

      Thank you for reading lovely! :D

  4. oo the derma blend starter kit looks fab! wish glossy box here was as cool as the UK version! x

    Raves 'nd Ramblings