Saturday, 12 May 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Lita's, Review.

I thought for my first post I would do a little review on the Jeffrey Campbell Lita's! I know when I was looking to purchase mine I was hunting out blogs from all corners of the internet for reviews and advice so hopefully i can help out some other people!

I purchased my Lita's from about four months ago. I'm from Scotland so searching for a retailer was extremely difficult. I know Office do them, but they were out of stock! Solestuck have a fantastic range of colours in the Lita (as well as other Jeffrey Campbell models too) so unsurprisingly i was like a kid in a candy shop! In the end I decided to opt for the Distressed leather model. In my opinion these are the most versatile, they go with pretty much anything! They were $159.95 (around £100) with free postage. They took around a week to get to the UK but were held up in customs FOREVER (well... thats an exaggeration, they were there for 3 weeks). THEN I was hit with £30 customs charges! However after waiting in a month for them and paying the customs charges they were SOOO worth the money/time!

Anyway, onto the actual review!
When my Lita's finally arrived they came in this cute little box!
I think the box is such a lovely finishing touch, at first I was disappointed that i didn't get the Jeffrey Campbell crossword box. But hey, we can't all win! 
Inside the box was two beautifully presented little Lita's! In lovely little shoe protector bags! (Not that I even noticed them whilst excitedly grabbing the shoes!). Now, heres the important bit... I had read reviews online saying they were not true to size and to get a size smaller than you actually are... Well... I got mine in a size five (my actual shoe size) and they fit like a DREAM! My footsies just fit absolutely perfectly in them! So in my opinion they run pretty true to size...
They are also the most comfortable shoes i have EVER worn! (Yes this includes flats) I have worn them on EVERY night out I have been on since I got them and have not had sore feet even once! I honestly walked the two miles too and from the club and danced all night long in them and not felt so much as a tingle of pain! I also wore them for a WHOLE DAY at college (9-4) Again, not a single tingle of pain! Major bonus!

Anyway rounding things up, I would totally recommend these babies to anyone who is even just slightly considering getting them. They are 100% value for money, super comfy and did I mention SUPER DUPER EASY TO WALK IN!! If anyone has any questions or anything regarding the Lita's I would be more than happy to help :) I really hope this has helped anyone looking for reviews/advice!
Oh and these are my babies ;)

Over and out bloggers!!


  1. Great review,makes me even more tempted to take the plunge and get some! :) x

    1. Thanks! Sorry for the very late reply not check here for a while! You defo should invest in a pair, AMAZING SHOES! x

  2. are they the black distresset litas?:o

  3. Wau!! Really I love your jeffrey campbell lita,its very, very nice!!